Bridging the gap between Scotland and Ireland!
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Find the best spots in Scotland and Ireland to have a fun and exciting vacation.

Adventure tours, leisure activities, cultural trips, social hangouts and nightlife - We offer the complete package!!

Scotland and Ireland - The best places to be for a once in a lifetime experience!!

Bridging the Gap Between Scotland and Ireland


In many parts of the world Scotland and Ireland are commonly compared and mistaken for each other. This is because there is a connection between the countries as well as many similarities. This is why many people normally choose to travel Scotland and Ireland together. Although there are similarities between the countries, each has its own diversity waiting for you to explore. Scotland and Ireland are the perfect places to be if you want to experience a once in a lifetime experience. 


We at The Cletic Connection bridges the gap between you and Ireland and Scotland, offering the best spots in both countries for adventure tours, leisure activities, cultural trips, social hangouts and nightlife. For us, what you do on your holiday is more important than how you travel and where you stay. Our main aim is to make sure that you experience Ireland and Scotland to their fullest extent so that you have an unforgettable holiday experience and lasting memories. 


Our main focus is that when you look back on your life twenty years from now, you will not be disappointed by the things that you did not do. You would have done all the things that you wanted to do and see all the places that you wanted to see, so that when looking back you would be proud that you dreamed, explored and discovered. Dream, explore and discover Scotland and Ireland today!!!


Why Choose to Book with Us



Safety First

Your health and safety is one of our top priorities. That is why we scrutinize all of our providers to make sure that your trip of Scotland and Ireland is as safe as possible.

Lifetime Memories

You can be guaranteed that your trip to Scotland and Ireland will create lasting memories because the trip will be about what you will actually be doing.


We have hundreds of different experiences from which you can choose including: sky diving, deep sea fishing, balloon flights and other fun experiences.


We deliver what we promise so you can book with us with complete peace of mind knowing that by the end of your trip, you would have experience a once in a lifetime experience.


Book Your Trip Today


Book your trip to explore Scotland and Ireland today. It is important that you book early. By booking early with us, you will:

  1. Save Money – Tickets are cheaper when booked in advanced.
  2. Avoid Disappointment – There are many popular activities in Scotland and Ireland so by booking early, you make sure that you are a part of those activities.
  3. Maximize Your Fun – By booking in advance, you will be able to make the most out of the total time you have available for your holiday.


Must-See Places in Scotland


Once you have arrived in Scotland, here are some of the places that you must absolutely visit.



Must-See Places in Ireland


Once you have arrived in Scotland, here are some of the places that you absolutely must visit!!



Have a wonderful time exploring Scotland and Ireland!! 

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What our customers are saying about us!

Justin C. Cloud

I remember that first moment when I arrived in Scotland for the first time. It was so amazing and just a few days after, I got to experience Ireland as well. Thank you guys for advising me to visit both countries. I had so much fun.

Ben J. Legette

To everyone who wants to visit Scotland or Ireland, please make sure that you do it via The Celtic Connection. They did such as great jobs picking out the top spots for me allowing me to truly experience Scotland and Ireland to the fullest. 

Barbara G. Mobley

My husband and I had agreed upon visiting Scotland for our honeymoon; however, the guys from The Celtic Connection advised us to visit Ireland as well and I am very glad that we did because the experience of visiting both countries is just awesome.
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Bridging the gap between Scotland and Ireland!
Bridging the gap between Scotland and Ireland!
Bridging the gap between Scotland and Ireland!